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Frequently asked questions

  • Is a NWWI valuation report drawn up by Aangenaam accepted by all lenders?

    By Aangenaam issued NWWI validated reports are accepted by all in the Netherlands active lenders and banks.

  • Can the report be used for NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee)?

    Validated reports issued by Aangenaam meet all requirements for an NHG mortgage.

  • How soon can an appointment be made?

    Normally an appointment for inspection of the property can be made within a few working days (also depending on the different agendas involved).

  • How quickly can a report be delivered?

    We strive to deliver a NWWI validated report within 3 working days after the inspection and after receipt of all necessary documents.

  • What documents are required for the valuation?

    Apart from an agreement on the terms and conditions of the assignment (sent to you by Taxapi prior to the inspection), the following documents are required

    - Deed of delivery (proof of ownership)
    - deed of division into flat rights
    - floor plans or a measurement report
    - Current balance sheet of the VvE (if this has not been prepared a recent bank statement)
    - Current minutes of the VvE
    - multi-year maintenance plan of the HOA (MJOP)

  • What is NWWI?

    The Dutch Home Value Institute, NWWI, validates (approves) appraisal reports of homes of affiliated appraisers and ensures that each appraisal is drawn up uniformly and according to clear guidelines. Lenders, intermediaries and consumers thus receive clear, objective and reliable home appraisals that provide insight into how the appraised value was arrived at.

  • What does an appraisal cost?

    Because each valuation is different, it is not possible to give a rate in advance, as this will also depend on the type of property and the estimated amount of work.
    What is certain is that Aangenaam Makelaardij always works with a fixed, previously discussed rate, in which all costs are included, so really a total rate where other providers sometimes work with an "add-on rate" or a rate depending on the appraised value.

  • What does a valuation report contain?

    - the type of dwelling
    - the size, nature and layout of the dwelling
    - the size, nature and layout of the plot
    - the location, the view, possible nuisance, the level of facilities in the area
    - the structural quality and state of repair of the dwelling
    - the level of finish
    the aesthetic and architectural quality
    - whether there are rights in rem
    - the property information, a cadastral map
    - destination information
    - environmental information
    - reference objects

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